How a Chiropractor Can Often Fix a Variety of Different Ailments

I used to be pretty flexible and able to manage most issues, but after I fell down the stairs one day at work I've had a bit of a wonky hip. Even after it was 'cured' I kept having a lot of hip and back pain. Luckily my chiropractor realised that my hip injury had lead to spinal alignment issues and she has been working on my body to get me back in alignment. Now I can sleep a lot better and have much less hip and back pain. This blog has tips for people with hip pain who need chiropractic adjustments.

How a Chiropractor Can Often Fix a Variety of Different Ailments

22 June 2017
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If you feel that you have something "out of line" or may be having difficulties with your general movement, you might feel that it is time to contact an expert. Usually, a chiropractor would be your first port of call when it comes to any aches and pains linked to muscles in your upper body or spinal area. However, a chiropractor is not just a specialist in this field and they may be able to help you with a number of other ailments. Why should you think about going to a chiropractor, rather than directly to your family doctor?

Circulation Issues

Experts believe that it is possible to cure a large number of different issues through proper manipulation of the spine. An enormous number of nerves travel through this area and they can become trapped or otherwise affected when things are out of line. This type of condition could lead to high blood pressure or hypertension and a chiropractic adjustment may be what you need.

Digestive Ailments

If you visit a doctor with digestive orders, they may suggest various supplements or medicine, or even some intrusive procedures. If you think that you have colitis, Crohn's or inflammatory bowel disease, then maybe a spinal adjustment could help relieve you of the symptoms.

Dealing with Emotions

Emotional difficulties are becoming far more commonplace in this challenging, modern society. In particular, attention deficit disorders are widespread. Medical representatives are only too keen to prescribe psychotropic medications to those with such conditions and this can present complicated side-effects. In addition to a well monitored diet and certain nutritional supplements, manipulation of the spine has been shown to help with some of these behavioural challenges.

Migraines and Headaches

The brain receives an enormous number of signals throughout any given day, many of which are sent through nerves located in and around the spine. If you suffer from headaches or migraines, an adjustment in combination with certain neck exercises could alleviate the pain.

Upper Body

The upper body is a very complex machine and all the various bones, ligaments, muscles and soft tissue are interconnected. You may not consider a chiropractor for a rotator cuff or shoulder injury, but once again this type of approach could be combined with massage and specific exercises to great effect.

Having a Word

If you're suffering from any of these elements, have a word with your chiropractor to see what course of action they could suggest.