I used to be pretty flexible and able to manage most issues, but after I fell down the stairs one day at work I've had a bit of a wonky hip. Even after it was 'cured' I kept having a lot of hip and back pain. Luckily my chiropractor realised that my hip injury had lead to spinal alignment issues and she has been working on my body to get me back in alignment. Now I can sleep a lot better and have much less hip and back pain. This blog has tips for people with hip pain who need chiropractic adjustments.

Can a Chiropractor Help with Recurring Headaches?

6 June 2019
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If you're suffering from frequently recurring headaches, then your quality of life will probably be poor. You might wish that you could put your finger on the issue to determine the trigger so that you can get some relief from this debilitating pain as soon as possible. Unfortunately, headaches can be caused in a number of different ways, but you may, in certain circumstances, be able to turn to a chiropractor for help. Read More …