Counteracting the Damage Done by Sitting

I used to be pretty flexible and able to manage most issues, but after I fell down the stairs one day at work I've had a bit of a wonky hip. Even after it was 'cured' I kept having a lot of hip and back pain. Luckily my chiropractor realised that my hip injury had lead to spinal alignment issues and she has been working on my body to get me back in alignment. Now I can sleep a lot better and have much less hip and back pain. This blog has tips for people with hip pain who need chiropractic adjustments.

Counteracting the Damage Done by Sitting

28 March 2017
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In the modern age, many people spend a significant amount of time sitting down. This is particularly true of those who work at a desk, but even people in other lines of work are inclined to stay off their feet for most of their free time.

Because people aren't really built for all this sitting, it can lead to problems with posture, which in turn causes further issues ranging from aches and pains to more serious conditions. A visit to a chiropractor can be the beginning of the path to undoing the damage, but taking some precautions in the meantime can stop things getting worse, or even prevent problems from developing to begin with.

Sit properly

First and foremost, you should make sure you're sitting in a sensible way when you're spending time in a chair.

Keep your back straight, push your shoulders back and make sure your computer monitor is at the right height. You shouldn't have to angle your head up or down to look at it; if you do, it needs adjusting.

Consider an alternative

If you're using an office chair, you should make sure it's a good quality one with ample support, set up properly for your height. However, people are beginning to realise the virtues of alternatives to the traditional seating option.

In some offices, people are doing away with chairs altogether, opting instead for standing desks. This completely eliminates the need to sit carefully but isn't to everyone's taste.

Another option that might sound crazy but is actually highly effective is using an exercise ball as a seat. Because there's no back to slump into, you have to sit up carefully, and the soft, rounded surface causes you to constantly think about how you sit.

Do some exercises

You can also perform simple exercises to help prevent injury. Take a moment every so often to stretch upwards, pushing your shoulder blades back. You can also clench and unclench your buttocks, and nobody in the office will be any the wiser. Don't forget your legs — stretch them out from time to time, and rotate your ankles in both directions.

Break frequently

It's easy to get so involved in work that you forget how long you've been sat still, so set an alarm at regular intervals. When it goes off, stand up and walk around the room briefly. This is all it takes to make you realign yourself and sit more comfortably. Try 15 or 30 minute periods if you can, or get up every hour at most.

If you have specific questions about your posture, talk with a chiropractor.